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Patient Care

The Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine Division offers both inpatient and outpatient consultation for a wide variety of chest disorders in children.

Inpatient Services

The inpatient population consists primarily of patients with chronic respiratory failure on mechanical ventilation and patients with neuromuscular diseases hospitalized for an acute respiratory process, acute asthma exacerbations and status asthmaticus, complicated pneumonias, and patients status post airway surgery.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient activities are comprehensive and primarily centered on a busy general pulmonology practice. Physicians combine their efforts with a group of talented and dedicated nurse practitioners, who conduct clinical consultations on selected patients.

  • Tanya Martinez Fernandez, M.D., is Director of the Pulmonary Function Lab, has led the development and organization of the outpatient clinics, and oversees the Comprehensive Asthma Program at Children’s Medical Center. 
  • Kamal Naqvi, M.D., directs the sleep program, which provides clinical services on a variety of sleep and respiratory control related disorders.
  • Peter Schochet, M.D., conducts specialized clinics on neuromuscular and chest wall related respiratory diseases, and on the respiratory complications of sickle cell disease.
  • Yadira Rivera-Sanchez, M.D., oversees the inpatient activities of the Division. There is an attending pulmonologist assigned to the Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine Service at all times.

Clinical Services

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