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Education & Training

The Department of Pediatrics provides wide-ranging educational opportunities to medical students, residents, postdoctoral fellows, and other health care professionals. Our programs go beyond sharing knowledge. Students and residents gain an excitement for learning that leads them to refine and pursue deeper questions along the way.

More than a dozen medical specialties at UT Southwestern provide education and training in Pediatrics, including fellowships aimed at preparing fellows for academic careers.

Detailed information about those individual education and training programs can be found on the division’s websites:

Meet Some of Our Faculty & Learners

Headshot of Josh Lipsitz, M.D.

“UT Southwestern offers the unique duality of training at a high-volume children's hospital and at ambulatory clinics embedded in the community. From bedside teaching to formal didactics, this program focuses so much on resident education and professional development. Each day, I am so inspired by the passion of the residents, fellows, and attendings here! I feel so fortunate to be a resident at UTSW.”

Josh Lipsitz, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Anna Cheng, M.D.

“I chose UT Southwestern because I wanted to be at a rigorous, yet extremely supportive academic program. My favorite things about our program are the continued support from faculty, chiefs, seniors, and co-interns, the amazing X+Y schedule which allows for better life-work balance, and the plentiful research opportunities and mentors here!”

Anna Cheng, M.D.Resident
Headshot of Jorge Trevino-Calderon, M.D.

“I chose UT Southwestern because I wanted to be in a program that valued intellectual curiosity, diversity, and resident wellbeing. The XYZ schedule allows for a lot of clinical exposure without sacrificing work-life balance too much. During my time here I have always felt I am in a safe environment that promotes and encourages learning while prioritizing patient care. Program directors, chiefs, and co-residents serve as a very strong support network to help navigate difficult times and situations.”

Jorge Trevino-Calderon, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Meg Hart, M.D.

“I wanted a large-volume children's hospital where I would be challenged but also feel supported by faculty and other residents. I have consistently been impressed with the responsiveness of the program to resident needs, and with my kind, smart, diverse co-residents. And of course, I love the X-Y scheduling system, which lets us decompress between inpatient rotations and affords us time for our academic half-days (mornings set aside for us to learn together through lectures and simulations).”

Meg Hart, M.D.Resident
Headshot of James Rohwer, M.D.

“I chose UT Southwestern because I wanted to complete my pediatrics training at a large children's hospital where I would gain experience with a wide range of pediatric pathologies and where I would have the privilege to serve and learn from a diverse patient population. In addition to the abundant learning opportunities, the aspect of the program that I have most enjoyed is the people - from the administration to the attendings, fellows, and my co-residents, everyone is so supportive, approachable, and dedicated to creating a positive learning environment.”

James Rohwer, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Sonia Allouch

“The great UT Southwestern Residency reputation, known for promoting diversity, learning, and resident wellness. Given our large program size, I was privileged to meet, learn, and work with smart, dedicated, and friendly co-residents from all over the world. Great mentorship and support from PD, APD, and chiefs.”

Sonia AllouchResident