Education & Training

The Department of Pediatrics provides wide-ranging educational opportunities to medical students, residents, postdoctoral fellows, and other health care professionals. Our programs go beyond sharing knowledge. Students and residents gain an excitement for learning that leads them to refine and pursue deeper questions along the way.

More than a dozen medical specialties at UT Southwestern provide education and training in Pediatrics, including fellowships aimed at preparing fellows for academic careers.

Detailed information about those individual education and training programs can be found on the division’s websites:

Meet Some of Our Faculty & Learners

Headshot of Vatsal Patel, M.D.

“What I really like is the career-development aspect of things, where people want to do private practice, academic medicine… they want to do research as well and all of those things are kind of welcome and the program really helps you figure out what you want to do.”

Vatsal Patel, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Chelsea Duffy, M.D.

“My first patient I saw in residency I saw as a two-week old and I saw him on my last day of continuity clinic as a two-year-old, so that was really neat and really gratifying for me to have that continuity with the family and their relationship, and also watch him develop over time.”

Chelsea Duffy, M.D.Resident
Headshot of Dario Alvarez, M.D.

“In my interview, I also learned how much the program helps the residents apply to fellowships, apply to research, apply to many opportunities that they can do at the state level, the national level, with the government, with the AAP, and I knew that coming here I would have the opportunity to remain in advocacy, to remain in research, to remain creating an impact in the community that I serve as a doctor.”

Dario Alvarez, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Brina Bui, M.D.

“Something that really stood out to me about UT Southwestern is the diversity here. From the patients to the residency to the faculty and, ultimately, to the leadership. And that’s something that matters to me because I want to practice in a big urban center when I graduate.”

Brina Bui, M.D.Resident
Headshot of Donovan Berens, M.D.

“I think we have a really strong community. I think we’re the perfect size for our residency program, there’s enough coverage if you’re sick - it’s not the end of the world - and additionally, even the community outside of it is very strong. We often will meet up outside of work to play sports or just interact. It’s been really rewarding.”

Donovan Berens, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Mridula Nadamuni, M.D.

“Our hospital does a really great job of remembering what children’s names are and how they’re unique, how they’re not just little adults but that they’re their own important groups of people that deserve care.”

Mridula Nadamuni, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Zach Stone, M.D.

“The hospital is nice, it’s big, there’s a place for residents to grow and learn and also hang out and work… I love my co-residents. I love everyone in my class. We all get along, we have a lot of fun times outside of the hospital, and we work really well inside of the hospital. I know I can always count on them in life and in residency itself.”

Zach Stone, M.D. Resident
Headshot of Annette Ville, M.D.

“During my interview, I was really impressed by how there was such a good balance between having such really close friendly peer relationships between the residency program, how supportive the program director and all the faculty are, balanced with such a good environment for really challenging yourself to become the best pediatrician that you can be.”

Annette Ville, M.D. Resident