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Research in Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine

Research efforts in the Division of Pediatric Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine have remained relatively small, primarily because the first priority of the Division has been the establishment of an excellent clinical program. Nonetheless, each faculty member is developing areas of interest for scholarship.

Julio Pérez Fontán, M.D.

Researchers in Dr. Fontán’s lab investigate how the nervous system influences the structure and function of the airways. Physiological and neuroanatomical studies have contributed to the present view of the bronchomotor system as an integral part of breathing control, through the relationships between vagal and phrenic outflows and the overlap between the bronchomotor and breathing networks. Recent attention has been focused on the participation of sensory neuropeptides in the regulation of the inflammatory response.

Peter Luckett, M.D.

Dr. Luckett’s research interests center on acute lung injury, mechanical ventilation, near-fatal asthma, pulmonary outcomes in neuromuscular disease, and clinical trials in pediatric critical care. Recent work includes development of a clinical trial of strict glucose control in critically ill children, using a computer-driven protocol.

Peter Schochet, M.D.

The respiratory consequences of early-onset scoliosis are the focus of Dr. Schochet’s research.