Using ClinDEN for
Multi-Institutional Data Extractions

Clinical data in EMR is a valuable asset that can be leveraged for secondary use in clinical research studies, quality improvement initiatives, and other purposes such as decision support. Exchange of clinical data requires strict adherence to information security and regulatory policies. The mechanisms of enforcement of these policies differ from institution to institution and create barriers for inter-institutional data exchange.

Access to this data has become overwhelmingly difficult due to the increase in complexity caused by regulatory compliance and data governance concerns. ClinDEN helps to manage this process. ClinDEN offers transparency and tracking in the data extraction request whether it comes from UT Southwestern, Parkland Hospital, or Children’s Healthâ„ . You may log in and see the status at any time and the system emails you when a status has changed.

When a request needs to be fulfilled from multiple institutions, once the Honest Broker approval is completed, the request is sent to each institution that will be providing data so that requests can be tracked separately.

Type of RequestWho Needs to Approve
Count (only) of patients No approval necessary
Data for Research (more than a count) Approved IRB Protocol
Data for Quality Control Written approval from the CQO Office

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