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Community Partnership

How do you engage members of the DFW community in research? How do you establish a study stakeholder board?

Engaging community stakeholders in the planning of your study strengthens research relevance among communities most impacted by disparities in health and health outcomes. Consultation through the lifecycle of a research study helps ensure needs and priorities of affected communities are integrated into research planning and operations.

Community engagement also allows you to assess opportunities to recruit diverse participants from the DFW community for your study.

Connecting with Members of the DFW Community

Community engagement in research significantly helps reduce disease causality in underserved communities by integrating, supporting, and expanding existing and developing new collaborative relationships between researchers and communities.

There are a variety of ways in which the Office of Community Health and Research Engagement (OCHRE) can assist investigators with best practices for incorporating community engagement into various aspects of the research process. This can include the following activities:

  • Community Advisory Panel (CAP) access: The CAP includes diverse community stakeholders, patients, and caregivers prepared to review and advise on nascent ideas and research questions to facilitate project design and conduct from inception to evaluation.
  • Spanish Language Validation Resource (SLVR): This service provides investigators with expertise to adapt Spanish-language outreach and research materials that are culturally and conceptually equivalent to English materials, as well as assuring translations are appropriate for the needs of low-health literacy individuals.
  • Consultation and technical assistance: This service is available to all investigators seeking to design and plan research through engagement with community partnerships. Contact OCHRE via to learn more.

Ready to discuss community partnerships or community-based recruitment tools? OCHRE to schedule a consultation.