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Access to Equipment, Resources, and Collaborators

How do you access needed equipment and/or resources? Who can facilitate agreements for equipment, resource use, and collaborator engagement?

Connecting with Research Resources

  • Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC)

    The Advanced Imaging Research Center (AIRC) is a collaboration between UT Southwestern Medical Center and other North Texas institutions to further research in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), and translation of discoveries into clinical practice.

    The AIRC’s facilities include a unique combination of dedicated research resources, with several new developments coming soon:

    • High-field MRI scanners for humans and small animals:
      • Human whole-body MRI at 3T and 7T
      • Small animal MRI at 3T (coming soon), 7T, and 9.4T; PET-MR (coming soon)
    • Analytical NMR (400 MHz, 600 MHz) for metabolomics and labeled isotope studies as well as contrast agent chemistry
    • Hyperpolarizers for human (SPINlab) and small animal (SpinAligner, coming soon) applications
    • Chemistry laboratories – contrast agents
    • Radiofrequency laboratory
    • Small animal interventional imaging suite (fluoroscopy and ultrasound, coming soon)
    • Integration of data management system with BioHPC (coming soon)
  • Metabolomics Resources

    The Children’s Research Institute (CRI) Metabolomics Facility offers state-of-the-art metabolic analysis for scientists at CRI, UT Southwestern, and elsewhere.

    The Metabolomics Facility offers the following analytical methods:

    • Basic quantitation of glucose, lactate, glutamate, and glutamine in tissue culture medium
    • Measurements of respiration and extracellular acidification
    • Metabolomic profiling
    • Stable isotope tracing
    • Targeted quantitation of select metabolites

    Get more information about the CRI Metabolomics Facility and/or to contact the team about your research needs.

  • Lipidomics Resources

    Research expertise, tools, and services are available to investigators who are designing and/or participating in research studies that aim to identify disease markers, test special diets, and investigate the use of new drugs. Learn how the Lipid and Metabolite Mass Spectrometry Facility can support your CTSA Program research.

There are many other resources at UT Southwestern that can be utilized for your research. See your options for Core Facilities.

Facilitating Formal Contracts and Agreements

A variety of formal relationships can be established with collaborators and may be necessary before work on the collaborative project can begin. It can take time to obtain needed information, and sometimes multiple approval processes are required, so it is helpful to determine what you’ll need as early in the planning phase as possible.

Examples include:

  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Consultancy agreement
  • Business associate agreement
  • Data use agreement

Subaward agreements are handled by the Sponsored Programs Administration.

Looking for collaborators?

CTSA Program Team Science Navigators can assist you with identifying scientific collaborators within the UT Southwestern community, as well as our CTSA Program partnering institutions. the CTSA Program for more information.