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Database Development

How do you create a project in REDCap? How do you develop your study database?

Developing Your REDCap Secure Data Capture Project

REDCap is a self-managed, secure, web-based solution that supports sophisticated data collection strategies for research studies.

This tool provides functionality and features enabling researchers to rapidly develop databases for collecting and managing research data.

Data can be entered by research staff directly, by participants via surveys (locally or remotely), or from the electronic health record.

Developing Your Study Database

The Informatics Coordinating Office can assist you with the development of your database structure to optimize data collection and analysis.

The Informatics Coordinating Office has been developed by the CTSA to efficiently leverage the influx of requests for data services for research purposes and designing and piloting robust data extraction initiatives related to Epic Data Warehouse/Registries, creating use-case definitions, and assisting in developing complex state models.

Ready to get started? Aamirah Vadsariya in the Informatics Coordinating Office to get started.