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Project Planning & Implementation

Once you have decided to implement a project, there are many resources available for tasks that must occur before you collect any research data.

Prior to project planning and implementation, review our project development phase for the best way to start a research project. The project planning and implementation phase may have similar information as project development – both are essential to a successful project.

Top Three Reasons that Studies are Delayed

  1. Necessary approvals are not obtained.

    Approvals take time – information needs to be gathered and prepared, and review times can vary. Knowing which approvals you need to conduct your research at the beginning of the process can save a lot of time and help ensure your study starts on time.

  2. Recruitment methods are not adequate.

    Obtaining accurate data and/or developing appropriate materials to recruit participants who are a good fit for your study is critical to achieving study goals and milestones.

  3. Study staffing and training.

    Delays occur when staff is not appropriately trained or when there are not appropriate backup plans in place for when staff is not available (e.g., vacation, illness).

Don’t know where to start?

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