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To help accelerate the translation of scientific discovery to improved health, the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program at UT Southwestern offers a variety of support and services for researchers and research teams. Each phase – starting with development, moving to planning and implementation, and culminating in close-out and dissemination – offers essential resources to help you create a successful research project.

Project Development

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Before you start, prepare for a successful study

  1. Assess whether you can feasibly recruit the population you are interested in or conduct an analysis with electronic health record data

  2. Engage the community in the development of your study

  3. Identify methods to securely collect and store data

  4. Include study design, methodology, and statistical expertise in study planning

  5. Receive guidance and resources for establishing scientific partnerships and identifying agreements and/or contracts for planned service

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Project Planning & Implementation

Doctors sitting at a meeting room table with laptops in front of them and a flatscreen on the wall displaying a clinical image

How to get started and tips for running your study

  1. Receive support in finalizing your protocol and statistical analysis plan

  2. Know where to obtain approvals needed to begin your research and register your clinical trial

  3. Engage the DFW community or stakeholder boards in the conduct of your study

  4. Access needed equipment, resources, and scientific expertise

  5. Provide required training for study personnel

  6. Finalize your study data capture process(es) and create your study database

  7. Identify strategies to recruit and retain participants

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Project Close-Out and Dissemination

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What you need to do at the end of your study

  1. Complete required processes for study termination

  2. Learn about requirements for records retention

  3. Engage your community stakeholder boards in disseminating your research

  4. Identify an appropriate journal and find writing resources for publishing your research

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Don't know where to start?

Schedule a consultation with a research concierge by Email or by submitting a request through LaunchPad!

LaunchPad is an online tool that provides access to UT Southwestern research, workforce development, informatics, and community engagement resources. LaunchPad facilitates tracking of requests and services provided to assist researchers and study teams.

Entering a new request is easy: simply click the LaunchPad icon below. Once signed-in, click the icon again to the left and your information will populate on the right, scroll down below your information, and select a service using the + from the list to request a consultation, explain what you are looking for in the text box and submit or save for later.
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