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Feasibility Assessment

How do you get data about UTSW patients from the electronic medical record who may be available to participate in a study or whose data may be available for analysis?

A feasibility assessment (patient count) allows you to determine the ability to recruit your population of interest from UT Southwestern patients as you develop a study, or to assess the availability of UT Southwestern patient data for analysis (de-identified data only).

Get a Count of Potential Participants

You can schedule a free consultation or use self-service tools to get a count of potential participants to help with a funding application or decision to start a research project.

  • Free Consultation
    Bring your inclusion/exclusion criteria and we can guide you through the process and show you how to use our two main feasibility tools: SlicerDicer and i2b2. to schedule a consultation or pick a convenient time by signing up online.
  • Access our self-service feasibility tools (No IRB approval needed)
    • Epic SlicerDicer – Log into Epic and Find under the “Reporting” Menu
    • I2b2

Note: All data received from these processes are de-identified.

Get Electronic Health Record Data for Your Research Project

The Informatics Coordinating Office will help you translate your research idea into a description of an analyzable patient dataset and help you refine your inclusion and exclusion criteria.

This includes a de-identified dataset for one-time use or a dataset with patient identifiers. Each of these requires specific levels of IRB approval.

For a count of potential participants, to get started or to learn more about using the EHR for feasibility assessments.

To request data, to get started or to learn more about data available to researchers at UT Southwestern.