Training Resident Doctors as Innovators in Science (TARDIS)

UT Southwestern Medical Center was awarded 1 of 5 national Physician Scientist Institutional Awards by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund to develop the “Training Resident Doctors as Innovators in Science (TARDIS)” program. TARDIS is a residency-focused initiative characterized by a two-year Resident Research-Intensive Training Experience (R²ITE) that enables continuous research engagement during residency and its transitions, and Tiered Mentorship to support the resident throughout training, reinforcing her/his commitment to a career in science, and mitigating real and perceived barriers to MD-based research. The program will continuously support the research residency-fellowship-faculty career transitions for trainees, encompassing the appointment of trainees as faculty upon attainment of a K or equivalent career development award.

Mission and Philosophy

The mission of TARDIS is to create and nurture a culture of enthusiasm for residency research at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Our philosophy is that successful MD-based researchers arise from inquisitive MD trainees - the ones who ask the "whys and how’s" about health and disease - who are embraced by a culture of sustained basic science investigation. This culture is created by tiered research mentorship committees who support residents throughout training, reinforcing his/her commitment to a career in science and beyond.