Resident Education

The Department of Pediatrics at UT Southwestern Medical Center is deeply committed to the education of our residents and is interested in developing exemplary physicians who are dedicated to improving the health and welfare of children. We want to attract enthusiastic, talented, and inquisitive individuals who want to learn to translate their education into the practice of medicine, care of children, and betterment of the human condition.

The Pediatrics Residency is a wonderful opportunity to explore the many realms of pediatrics to decide what areas are exciting and fulfilling. We hope to help you learn what professional endeavors will sustain your life-long need for intellectual growth and personal satisfaction.

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Our Residency Program will give you the chance to assimilate knowledge and apply it to the care of your patients, while having the security of mentorship from more senior residents and faculty within proximity. You will learn the most from those that surround you, and our faculty and residents are dedicated to your education. During this period we will learn as much as you do – from your questions, your curiosity, and your insights from exploration of clinical problems.

In the process of caring for your patients and their families, we expect that you will develop strong personal bonds, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, a refined professionalism, and a respect, sensitivity, and appreciation for the complexities of parenting. At the same time, we hope the unresolved medical and developmental problems you confront will compel you to search the extensive and sophisticated network of medical resources to serve your patients and your education.

Although residency can be demanding of time and energy, it is also a time to laugh, to develop deep friendships, and to enrich your appreciation for the nonprofessional side of life. North Texas has great sporting activities, wonderful cultural opportunities, considerable open space to explore, and millions of people to meet and share the experiences.

2020-2021 Chief Residents
2020-2021 Chief Residents
Drs. Charles Herrin, Kristen Lancaster, Gloria Koskey, Ryan Bishop

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