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Six Pillars of our Residency Training

Our residency training program has a matrixed approach. In the vertical direction, we are firmly rooted in six pillars, which serve to structure, guide, and frame an intensive yet individualized experience. Running through all of this, interwoven in the horizontal direction, is our ethos to support our trainees - we recognize that you are more than your profession; our program directors prioritize not only your career but also your personal well-being, fostering a supportive and caring environment that values you as an individual. The six pillars are as follows:

  Self Directed and Individualized
  Full-Spectrum Clinical Experience

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Other Neurology Residency Programs

The combined Neuro-Psychiatry, Child Neurology, and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities programs are respectively housed within the Psychiatry and Pediatric departments. The combined Neuro-Psychiatry program is one of only four training programs in the nation. The Child Neurology and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities programs are based at Children's Health, adjacent to UT Southwestern.

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