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In the event of a divorce, you may need to enroll in or update your insurance or update your beneficiaries.

You have 31 days from the date of the final divorce decree to complete changes to your benefits. If you do not make your changes within this 31-day period, changes cannot be made until the next Annual Enrollment in July, to be effective the following September 1.

Possible Next Steps

Required documents: final divorce decree (all pages)

  • Remove Spouse and/or Dependent
    • Go to My UT Benefits.
    • Click “Life Event” in the left menu.
    • Select the reason for the change.
    • Enter the date of the event. (Your coverage change will be effective the first of the month after the event date.)
    • Follow the prompts to select coverage changes.
    • Save your changes.
    • Review your Confirmation Statement once complete.
    • Click “Document Center” to upload the required documentation.
  • Enroll Yourself
    • Go to My UT Benefits.
    • Under “Enroll Now,” click “My UT Benefits.”
    • Click “Get Started.”
      • Follow the prompts to add your dependents (spouse and/or children).
      • Update your tobacco survey responses.
      • Click the tiles to select or decline coverage.
    • Beneficiary Designation:
      • On the Basic Life tab, select “Add” next to Beneficiaries to update your Beneficiary Designation.
      • Select “Save” once all selections are complete.
    • Review your Confirmation Statement once complete.
    • Click “Document Manager” to upload supporting documents if adding dependents.
      • Marriage license is required to add a spouse.
      • Birth certificate is required to add a child.
  • Submit Documents
    • Go to My UT Benefits.
    • Click “Document Center” in the left menu.
    • Click “+ Add Document.”
    • Click “Choose File” to select your document.
    • Enter a document name.
    • Select the Category from the drop-down menu.
    • Save your document.
    • A document should be associated with each coverage or dependent change.
    • Once you have uploaded your document(s), click “Associate a Document” to attach the existing document upload to the pending requests.
  • Change Beneficiary
    • Go to My UT Benefits.
    • New Hires – Click “Get Started.”
    • Existing Enrollees – Click “Benefits.”
    • Scroll to the benefit for which Beneficiary Designations apply.
      • Basic Life, Basic AD&D, Voluntary Life, Voluntary AD&D
    • Click “Add” next to “Beneficiary” to enter a new designation.
    • Click “Edit” next to “Beneficiary” to make changes to existing designation.

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