Summer Research Opportunities (STARS)

This eight-week, non-residential program is designed to give teachers and students an opportunity to work side by side with a faculty host in a research laboratory. Participants are paid a stipend and are required to present the results of their research at the end of the summer. Applications are available from December 1 to February 1.

Summer Research Program for Teachers

Through participation in the Summer Research Program, teachers not only learn new techniques, but also rekindle their interest in science, which positively affects their students. In addition, teachers use their newfound knowledge and skills to develop classroom activities that relate to their areas of research. This Summer Research Program for Teachers is open to any teacher in Texas.


Applicants must be a currently employed middle or high school classroom teacher and not have prior biomedical or biomedical-related research experience. Past successful teacher participants have been science-certified teachers with between three and 12 years of experience.

Summer Research Program for Students

An important purpose of the Summer Research Program for Students is to encourage students in North Texas with excellent academic records and a love of science to pursue science-related fields. Participation is limited by funding resources. High school juniors completing the Summer Research Program act as emissaries at their home school by giving presentations outlining their research experiences. The summer experience will take place only in biomedical research laboratories and will not include any clinical or shadowing opportunities.


Applicants must be at least 16 years old by June 1, before the Summer Research Program for Students begins, be currently classified as a junior, and be enrolled in high school. All citizens or nationals of the United States or those eligible to work in the United States are eligible regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, or disability. This experience is intended to give students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work in a modern biomedical research laboratory, so students with prior research experience are not eligible.

Any or all of the following may be considered as positive factors in choosing successful candidates:

  • Evidence of superior academic achievement
  • Strong interest and desire to pursue education in science and/or medicine

Summer Stock

In addition to their work in the laboratory, teachers develop a hands-on classroom activity related to the area of their research to take back to their classroom. These activities are compiled and printed for distribution. You can view a table of contents on the Resources page. If you would like a copy of this compilation, please contact us.

All STARS events and materials are free to teachers.