STARS Student Tours

STARS will custom-design tours of UT Southwestern Medical Center to fit the needs of the teacher. The Tour Topic List contains a number of topics that may be explored during a visit.

We welcome groups of up to 30 students; however, those with 20 or fewer students allow us to provide a greater variety of learning opportunities and activities. Larger groups will mainly be limited to more general tours and lecture presentations. Due to the high level of content during tours, we must limit students to grade 9 and above.

To schedule a tour, please call the STARS office at 214-648-2465 or email Pearlie Crawford and provide the information below. There is a limit to the number of tours that we can schedule during the year, so call approximately two months in advance to reserve a spot. Please get approval from your school before the tour is confirmed with STARS.

  • Grade level of students
  • Number of chaperone(s)
  • Number of students attending tour (30 is the maximum number of students on tours)
  • School address
  • School fax
  • School name
  • School phone
  • Science classes taken by students
  • Students’ level of scientific knowledge of topics requested
  • Teacher cell phone, if used
  • Teacher email
  • Time of arrival and departure (Will you be eating lunch at UTSW?)
  • Topics students are studying in class
  • Topics of interest to students – fax Tour Topic List to 214-648-9508 or attach to email