STARS Student Tours

STARS will custom-design tours of UT Southwestern Medical Center to fit the needs of a teacher. The Tour Topic List contains a number of virtual topics that may be explored during a Zoom presentation.

Due to the high level of content during tours, we must limit students to grade 9 and above.

To schedule a virtual lecture, please call the STARS Office at 214-648-2465 or email Pearlie Crawford and provide the information below. There is a limit to the number of presentations that we can schedule during the year, so call approximately two months in advance to reserve a spot. Please get approval from your school before the tour is confirmed with STARS.

  • Grade level of students
  • Number of students attending
  • School address
  • School fax
  • School name
  • School phone
  • Science classes taken by students
  • Students’ level of scientific knowledge of topics requested
  • Teacher cell phone, if used
  • Teacher email
  • Topics students are studying in class
  • Topics of interest to students – fax Tour Topic List to 214-648-9508 or attach to email