Surendra Barshikar, M.D., Traumatic Brain Injury Research

Research Summary

Dr. Barshikar
Surendra Barshikar, M.D.

I am presently involved in the following research studies:

1. Agitation in TBI

Multi-center Industry sponsored clinical trial of AVP-786 in agitation, irritability and mood lability in patients with TBI.
Patients in TBI may have long standing behavioral sequelae including irritability, agitation and lability. At this time, there is no specific directed treatment for this type of behavior. On most instances anti-depressants, anti-epileptics or anti-psychotic medications are used with limited success. We are trying to study if our study medication will be safe and effective in treatment of these conditions

2. Telemedicine

Outpatient care was severely disrupted secondary to COVID. Using this opportunity, we implemented telemedicine in both our university hospital clinics as well as our county hospital clinics. With this survey study, we are trying to learn about provider as well as patient experience with telemedicine. We wish to understand the benefits, the challenges, technological skill and computer literacy that is needed to complete a telemedicine visit. Our goal with this study is improve the process of conducting a telemedicine visit for the provider as well as providing a smoother experience for the patient.

3. Antibiotic Stewardship

Unnecessary use of antibiotics may lead to side effects, development of resistance, wastage of resources and money. The main objective of this study is to minimize unnecessary use of antibiotics while treating urinary tract infections. Lot of times, interpreting urine studies is not straight forward and not all abnormal results need to be treated with antibiotics.

4. Other

I am also collaborating with other studies pertaining to Concussion in adolescents, advanced imaging in mild traumatic brain injury. There are multiple other quality improvement studies that I have been involved with.