Providing Opportunities in Pathology through STARS (Science Teacher Access to Resources at Southwestern) is a resident-run program developed in 2022 to provide high school, college, and medical students in the Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding area enrichment opportunities to learn more about pathology and engage with residents, technicians, pathologists’ assistants, faculty, and other health professionals in the field. The program focuses on providing diverse and exciting educational experiences through laboratory tours, hands-on simulation activities, anatomy showcases, pathology talks, and more.


  • Increase awareness of pathology and its importance in the medical field
  • Provide resources, educational experiences, and mentoring opportunities to high school, college, and medical students
  • Support and encourage interest in pathology and pathology-related fields
  • Connect with medical students at UT Southwestern to increase understanding of and encourage exploration into pathology
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in pathology

Contact Information:

Email: utswpopstars@gmail.com

Current Resident Leaders:

Faculty Advisor:  Coming Soon

Scheduling Coordinator: Pearlie Crawford (pearlie.crawford@utsouthwestern.edu)