Department Overview

The goal of the Department of Emergency Medicine is to promote the unique body of knowledge in the specialty of emergency medicine and our primary objectives are to improve patient care in emergency medicine and to promote top-notched research and education in emergency medicine-related topics. Our common vision is that the UT Southwestern Medical Center Department of Emergency Medicine will be recognized as one of the best – if not the best – of its kind in the world.

The Best Care

We like to say that we provide the best "care," not just treatment or management, because "caring" is what we do. We also like to say that this is not just a teaching hospital, it is a "learning hospital," so we focus on resident and faculty development and innovative educational techniques to maximize learning.

In the Community

The Emergency Department is not our only focus of attention. Emergencies begin outside the hospital and the "care" we provide will need to begin there. Whether the eventual critical emergency occurs within the confines of our homes or on a rain-slicked roadside, we need to ensure and strengthen each link in our communities' chains of survival and recovery.

Specifically, we believe that we need to be public spokespersons and public educators for violence and injury prevention. We need to be public advocates and ensure that everyone knows how to perform immediate bystander CPR and first aid. We need to ensure the best performance, judgment, and skills of the thousands of paramedics and EMTs. We need to ensure that our poison control and toxicological services are the best and that we and all of our public safety officials are properly trained, equipped, and prepared for the horrors of weapons of mass effect (WME), terroristic opportunism, and other public safety issues concerning governmental emergency medical security services (GEMSS).

These all fall within our mission and our scope of services and they all affect the care of our community members. We are dedicated to promulgating this mission, not only because we are medical educators and caregivers, but also because, above all, we are public servants.