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Research & Scholarship

Held in blue gloved hands, a silver device shines a red light beam through a test tube filled with liquid

We are translating experience into evidence-based knowledge for the advancement of critical patient care.

Large patient volumes and a phenomenal array of state-of-the-art resources allow innovation to thrive in the Emergency Department at UT Southwestern. Our passion and curiosity perpetually raise the bar and set new standards in care across the full spectrum of subspecialties within our field.

Additional Studies in Planning or Enrollment

  • BNP and troponin biomarker studies: Supported by Siemens
  • TRUST: D-Dimer biomarker study supported by Stago
  • Sickle Cell: NIH-funded study with Dr. Ava Pierce as site investigator
  • ACCESS: Post-cardiac arrest immediate vs. later catheterization supported by NIH
  • Dallas Ft. Worth Cardiac Arrest Database Study: Supported by AHA and University of Washington
  • HeartSine AED Study: Bioimpedance amplitude and chest compression depth supported by HeartSine/Stryker
  • Multi-center Ventilation in Cardiac arrest study: Additional data analysis planned from the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium project with a recent R21 grant submitted to NIH
  • TBIT: Traumatic brain injury study of novel biomarker panel to identify minor brain injury.
  • Short-stay unit study: Treatment of mild congestive heart failure in ED-based short stay unit as alternative to admission. Funding from AHRQ.
  • INSPIRE Registry: For adults 18+ who have experienced COVID-19 symptoms and been tested recently. Funded by the CDC. More information here.

Research Staff and Resources

Research Staff

The Department currently supports two research coordinators as well as two people in research administration to assist with pre- and post-award management, IRB submission and maintenance, and other regulatory work. There are additional research personnel in the Department dedicated to cardiac arrest and resuscitation research. 


Ahamed Idris, M.D.

Ahamed Idris, M.D.


Director, Department of Emergency Medicine Research

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Riley Martin

Riley Martin

Clinical Research Project Manager