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Emergency & Disaster Global Health

Globe and stethoscope

What We Do

The Division of Emergency & Disaster Global Health works to advance the specific knowledge, capability, and expertise to meet the unexpected health and medical needs of people locally and globally.

Our mission is to improve the health security and resource utilization of multicultural and multinational people around the globe by assessing their unique medical needs and health infrastructures.

Our Work

Our faculty and staff possess clinical expertise in emergency medicine and these scientific disciplines and concentrations:

  • Global health
  • Disaster medicine
  • Emergency management
  • International emergency medicine
  • Public health and humanitarian assistance
  • Homeland security workforce preparedness

Educational Involvement

In addition to their clinical expertise, our faculty helps educate fellows of the Emergency & Disaster Global Health Fellowship Program to meet the timely medical needs of any situation that limits access to essential health resources and medical care such as disasters, poverty, or geographic displacement.

Additionally, our division offers a Visiting International Professorship Program that provides selected global colleagues with the opportunity to participate in UT Southwestern learning, clinical observation while educating our Department faculty and fellows about their own country’s health and medical infrastructure.

Fellowship Program


Contact Us

Madeline Escareno

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 214-648-2679

Genesis Macias Herrera

Sr. Administrative Associate

Phone: 214-590-1603