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Resident Research

Examples of current resident research include:

  • Comparison of Ventilation Measurement Using Bioimpedance from Life Pack 12 to Traditional Tidal Volume Measurements Using Spirometry
  • CUSUM (Cumulative Sum Control Chart) analysis as a way to determine competency with ocular ultrasound
  • Skill and competency analysis of residents performing transesophageal echocardiography using CUSUM analysis
  • N95 mask-fit testing among faculty and residents with reused and nonhospital obtained PPE
  • Ultrasound Guided Regional Blocks for Shoulder Reduction and regional anesthesia
  • Implementing a “Strict I&O’s” order to IV Lasix in the ED/Obs – a CHF Protocol QA/QI Pathway
  • Quantity assessment of indication and outcomes of diagnostic tap in undifferentiated ascites patients requiring admission

Recent Resident Research