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General Emergency Medicine

ER doctors

What We Do

The Division of General Emergency Medicine focuses on the care of all emergent illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention at UT Southwestern and beyond.

Our division is the Department of Emergency Medicine's largest group of faculty, Advanced Practice Providers, and staff. We share common goals of patient-first clinical service, communications, and career development.

Our Work

Within General Emergency Medicine, there are multiple sections and areas of expertise. Our concentrations include:

Educational Involvement

Our faculty deliver Graduate Medical Education through one of the country’s largest and most successful Emergency Medicine residency programs. We train over 350 learners each year through our Undergraduate Medical Education mission with nine Emergency Medicine courses. The academic environment created through these activities benefits us all, but most importantly benefits the emergent patient during their time of need.

Medical Education in Emergency Medicine Fellowship


Contact Us

Madeline Escareno

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 214-648-2679

Miranda Kirkpatrick

Sr. Administrative Assistant

Phone: 214-648-3918