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Emergency Medical Services

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What We Do

The Division of Emergency Medical Services works to establish best practices of prehospital care and develop increased understanding of how to treat patients in the “out of hospital” environment. By nature, EMS medicine is not prearranged or preplanned, but rather occurs when people need treatment for conditions that typically arise from emergency situations.

Our Work

Our Emergency Medical Services Division is a distinguished prehospital research organization. As a founding member of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium of the National Institutes of Health, we have played a leading role in the study of both critically injured patients and cardiac arrest victims, advancing the science of prehospital critical care.

Our division faculty represent evidence-based expertise in areas including:

  • Prehospital care
  • Research in critical areas of prehospital management such as cardiac arrest and trauma
  • Provider training and periodic re-training
  • Quality management
  • International coordination of the sharing of best practices
  • Active training and participation in tactical medicine environments
  • Mass gathering preparation, safety, and management

Educational Involvement

Training is at the heart of our activities, whether it’s training we undergo or provide. Our division leads EMT/Paramedic Continuing Education to provide outstanding educational services to EMS agencies and a one-year fellowship program for emergency medicine physicians.

The Emergency Medical Services Fellowship Program prepares residency-trained physicians to be EMS medical directors and board-certified EMS physicians. Our fellowship program is certified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. Graduates from this historic fellowship have become leaders across the spectrum from local to international levels. 

Fellowship Program


Contact Us

Madeline Escareno

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: 214-648-2679

Genesis Macias Herrera

Sr. Administrative Associate

Phone: 214-590-1603