Diversity & Inclusion in Biochemistry Department

Diversity Mission Statement

We promote a culture in the Department of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern where diversity, equity, and inclusion are respected. Our Department wishes to foster an atmosphere where science is practiced at the highest level and people from diverse backgrounds excel because they feel that they are welcome and safe, and their ideas are credited and valued. This inclusive environment of respect for people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives will advance the scientific and educational goals of the Department.


  • Recruitment, mentorship and retention of a diverse faculty, students, postdocs, and staff. We strive to include, at all levels: indigenous Americans, people of color including underrepresented groups and new immigrant populations, first-generation students, people with apparent or non-apparent disabilities, people of various gender, sexual identities, and expressions, people of various religions, and people with more than one of the above identities.
  • Furtherance of an affirming and equitable climate for people from those diverse backgrounds.


UTSW Resources Related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

For reporting concerns related to discrimination and racism

For Diversity & Inclusion Educational Resources

For joining an Employee Business Resource Group

For the Institutional Diversity Website with resources


Campus Partners


Academic Articles on Diversity in STEM

What Comes Next? Simple Practices to Improve Diversity in Science
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For Black Scientists, the Sorrow Is Also Personal
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The Diversity–Innovation Paradox in Science
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Organic Chemistry: A Call to Action for Diversity and Inclusion
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