Education & Training

Composite photo of biochemistry students in labs
Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry Lab Members

The Biological Chemistry and Organic Chemistry Graduate Programs provide state-of-the-art training in biochemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, and molecular biology to prepare students to make significant research contributions at this interface of chemistry and biology.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Candidates should contact faculty members directly with curriculum vitae and three references. Support is available for selected postdoctoral researchers through the Sara and Frank McKnight Fellowships.

Molecule of the Year Award Recipients

Year Recipients Molecule Topic
2020 Aloysus Lawong and Suraksha Gahalawat, Ph.D. ALCHM3 A novel tetrazole with antimalarial activity targeting heme polymerization.
2019 Juan Manuel Povedano Selfa, Ph.D. and Rameshu Rallabandi, Ph.D. SNARTUB For nucleophilic aromatic substitution with tubulin as the target of neuroendocrine cancer cells killing.
2018  Yu-San Yang  Pbp1 For discovering that yeast ataxin-2 ortholog Pbp1 acts as a molecular redox sensor to regulate the TORC1 complex in response to the activity state of mitochondria.
2017  Yuanli Zhen, Ph.D.  ADP-Ribose For discovery of the role of PARP modification in breast cancer sensitivity to chemotherapy.
2016 Pano Theodoropoulos and Sarah Winterton Oxalamides For the discovery of oxalamides as tumor specific inhibitors of Stearoyl CoA desaturase.