Biochemistry Overview

The Department of Biochemistry at UT Southwestern is engaged in vibrant interdisciplinary research at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. This unique focus among the departments at our Medical School fosters a highly collaborative research environment. Research in the department is centered on understanding how both eukaryotic and bacterial cells function through mechanistic study of metabolic pathways, their catalytic enzymes and their regulatory processes using a range of tools including the development of chemical probes and molecular and biochemical approaches that fuel new discoveries.

Much of our work focuses on developing a better understanding of disease, and projects within the department have advanced drug discovery in areas such as cancer, immune diseases, metabolic disorders, and malaria. Our research mission promotes and nurtures the training of students and postdoctoral fellows in our laboratories. Faculty in the department conduct research and train students in a range of disciplines including enzymology, molecular biology, metabolomics, carbohydrate biochemistry, parasitology, chemical biology, synthetic organic chemistry and natural products chemistry.

Our department maintains strong ties with other basic science departments on campus that complement our interest in mechanistic biochemistry with their focuses on structural, molecular and cellular biology. Visit our faculty websites for more detailed information on the research programs in our department.

Margaret (Meg) A. Phillips, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Department of Biochemistry
The Sam G. Winstead and F. Andrew Bell Distinguished Chair in Biochemistry

About the Department

The Department of Biochemistry is located on the South Campus of UT Southwestern and has 24 primary faculty members. Five core facilities within the department support state of the art drug discovery and discovery biology including high throughput screening, pharmacology, chemistry, transgenics and proteomics. Projects in the department are funded by diverse sources including the National Institutes of Health, the Welch Foundation, the Cancer Prevention Institute of Texas, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

The department is actively recruiting new faculty in research areas that complement our mission.