Postdoctoral Association (PDA)

Postdoctoral Association (PDA) at UT Southwestern is comprised of several committees and an executive board including:

The mission of the PDA

  • Develop a sense of community through scientific and social interaction.
  • Promote effective training and career development.
  • Represent and address issues relevant to postdoctoral researchers.
  • Ease the transition for new, particularly international postdoctoral researchers.

Committees of the PDA

Career Development Committee (CDC)

  • Promotes training of postdocs beyond the bench by organizing informative seminars, panel discussions, and workshops.

Community Committee

  • Organizes multiple events throughout the year to promote the visibility of scientists in the local community.
  • Provides postdocs with opportunities to gain teaching experience through interaction with local schools, science fair judging, and participating in science workshops
  • Fosters social interactions among postdocs and provides an avenue for those wishing to meet new people.
  • Activities include happy hours, ice cream socials, and coffee breaks.
  • Eases the transition of international postdocs by providing information and resources in collaboration with the International Office and the Postdoctoral Affairs Office.

Communication Committee

  • Digital newsletter that is distributed every several weeks.
  • Publishes articles of interest to the postdoc community, such as in career development and scientific research.
  • Provides news of the PDO and the PDA committees, updates about seminars and events in UTSW and beyond.

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