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Neda Wick: Student-Led Design

Neda Wick, M.D.

Distinction in Medical Education

Neda Wick, M.D.

As I entered medical school at UT Southwestern, I was inspired by the educators that dedicated so much of themselves to our learning. Their knowledge, commitment, and enthusiasm motivated me to strive to become an excellent medical educator, long before I was sure what field of medicine I would pursue.

First two to earn distinction in medical education

Dr. Ashley Yoder Lepse and I began to inquire about training in Medical Education and were met with eagerness, support, and encouragement. We began working with our amazing faculty (Dr. Blake Barker, Dr. Angela Mihalic, Dr. Dorothy Sendelbach, and Dr. James Wagner) to develop the first iteration of the Medical Education Track and Distinction. With their support, we were able to successfully develop and complete the program as the first two residents to graduate with a Distinction in Medical Education.

Utilizing the skills I developed during the my participation in this track, I have continued to stay involved in both undergraduate and graduate medical education, most recently being appointed to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Review Committee for Pathology. It has been wonderful to see the track and distinction flourish, being integrated into the new curriculum and continually improved during the last few years. Ultimately, whether pursuing an academic or private practice career, becoming a skilled educator is crucial for educating not only your patients, but also, with the increasing subspecialization within the medical profession, it is crucial for educating your peers and colleagues.

Lifelong learning and teaching

We all know that medicine is a commitment to life-long learning, a commitment I am thrilled to have made; I believe medicine is also a commitment to life-long teaching. I am thankful for the skills I gained through the Medical Education track and distinction. I look forward to utilizing and building on these skills throughout my career.

– Neda Wick, M.D., Distinction in Medical Education