Affiliated Doctoral APA Accredited Internship

The UT Southwestern Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology includes an affiliated doctoral internship program which is separately accredited by the American Psychological Association. The overall training goal of the internship is to provide high-quality training to prepare the intern for the professional practice of clinical psychology at the entry level in the job market.

The Internship Program, located in Dallas, Texas, at a major urban medical center, provides interns with broad exposure to diverse patient populations, ethnic and cultural groups, and multidisciplinary approaches to patient care. The Internship Program is a two-year, half-time program which takes place in the third and fourth year of the interns’ doctoral study. The intern rotates through clinical rotations (typically two primary rotations, 12 months each) in UT Southwestern clinical facilities, community agencies, regional facilities, specialized agencies, and area schools.

Internship Didactics

In the fall and spring semesters, a weekly Didactic Series is presented for the graduate students and interns. This Didactic Series typically includes lectures on evidence-based practice, research in psychology, master clinician conference, special topics in psychology, ethics and cultural diversity topics, and student-faculty meetings.

Students also attend teaching/clinical case conferences held in connection with the clinical service to which they are assigned or conjointly with training programs in psychiatry. The Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds, colloquium speakers, and the various local and regional psychological societies and associations are additional sources of educational experiences available to students. Grand Rounds and special topics presentations in other departments at UT Southwestern are also open to students completing the Internship.