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Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1. To produce graduates who have a broad and general knowledge of scientific psychology.

Objective 1.1. Students will demonstrate proficient knowledge about broad and general areas of scientific psychology.

  • Competency 1.1.1. Students will be knowledgeable in core areas of general psychology.
  • Competency 1.1.2. Students will successfully demonstrate knowledge of research problems and methods.

Goal 2. To produce graduates who have specialized knowledge and entry-level practice skills in clinical psychology.

Objective 2.1. Students will demonstrate knowledge and competence in psychological assessment.

  • Competency 2.1.1. Students will demonstrate knowledge in psychometrics.
  • Competency 2.1.2. Students will attain knowledge of psychological assessment instruments and techniques.
  • Competency 2.1.3. Students will obtain clinical competence in psychological assessment skills.

Objective 2.2. Students will display knowledge of and competence in diagnosis, case formulation, and clinical interventions.

  • Competency 2.2.1. Students will be able to competently derive an accurate diagnosis and case formulation of patients in clinical settings.
  • Competency 2.2.2. Students will achieve basic competencies (at a level preparatory for a preclinical internship placement) in psychotherapy.

Goal 3. To produce graduates who have the ability to develop, disseminate, and/or evaluate scientific knowledge directed toward understanding and improving human functioning.

Objective 3.1. Students will develop competence in the science and methodology of psychology.

  • Competency 3.1.1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of and basic competence in application of research tools and design.

Objective 3.2. Students are expected to develop skills at disseminating knowledge of psychology in the classroom, at professional meetings, and in peer-reviewed publications.

  • Competency 3.2.1. Students will demonstrate competency in oral and written presentations in the science of psychology.

Goal 4. To produce graduates who have knowledge of and adhere to the ethical and sensitive practice of professional psychology.

Objective 4.1. Students will attain entry competency in their knowledge of current ethical standards and their application in complex research and clinical situations.

  • Competency 4.1.1. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of ethical guidelines and display solid problem-solving skills when confronted with ethical situations in clinical and research settings.

Objective 4.2. Students will demonstrate knowledge of and sensitivity to issues of cultural and individual diversity in both the clinical practice of psychology and in the conduct of scientific research.

  • Competency 4.2.1. Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of individual and cultural diversity, and be able to competently demonstrate sensitivity to these issues in both clinical and research settings.