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Clinical Rotations

Clinical training is an integral part of the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

During the Practica, doctoral students experience 1,400 hours of training and supervision. Practicum students are closely supervised in preparation for the more challenging internship experience.

Beginning with a common Practicum experience, students will train in a variety of placements, including Parkland Psychiatric Emergency Room and UT Southwestern’s Psychotherapy Referral Service.

A Range of Clinical Training Experiences

Practicum students and Psychology interns receive a variety of clinical training experiences with:

  • Children, adolescents, and adults of various socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds
  • Inpatients in medical and psychiatric settings
  • Psychiatric and non-psychiatric outpatients
  • Neurological and neurosurgical patients

We emphasize broad clinical training, primarily in health and medical psychology, neuropsychology, and pediatric psychology.