Biology Camp

Biology Camp

Biology Camp is offered to Biology teachers and to rising 9th graders (current 8th graders).


First day of the 2021 camp is July 15 (teachers) and July 19 (students). The camp ends on July 30.

Master Teachers

Master teachers for the 2021 camp will be Ms. Cathy Toups and her colleague who is TBA.


The tentative curriculum for the 2021 Biology Camp is as follows:

Lab Exercises

  • Scientific Method
  • Basic Chemistry and Properties of Water
  • Membranes and Biomolecules
  • Cell Transport
  • Energy, Chemical Reactions and Enzymes
  • Overview of Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration
  • Cellular Organelles
  • DNA Structures and Function
  • Protein Synthesis

Afternoon Activities

  • Team Building
  • Mobility Simulation
  • Anatomy Lab
  • DNA Genetics