VisualSonics Vevo-770 (Ultrasound)

Vevo 770 imaging system
Vevo 770 imaging system

Vevo 770 provides noninvasive and real-time frame rates for applications such as cancer biology, neurobiology, developmental biology, and cardiovascular research. It facilitates visualization and measurement of anatomy and quantification of physiology in adult, neonatal, and embryonic small animals.

Contrast Mode allows contrast-enhanced visualization of vasculature. While in B-Mode, 3D and Power Doppler mode may be used. Pulse Wave Doppler imaging is also available. The system is equipped with three scanheads that operate in the very high frequency range (center frequencies of 17.5 to 55 MHz).

This system is installed inside the specific pathogen free (SPF) barrier facility. Investigators may request full service imaging or be trained to undertake investigations themselves.

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