7.0T Agilent (Varian)

7T MR imaging system
7.0T MR imaging system

The Agilent (Varian) 7.0 T MR imaging system has a single RF channel for 1H frequency (300 MHz). It is equipped with a 400 mT/m gradient coil (10 cm i.d.) and two quad horizontal millipede RF coils (40 mm and 60 mm i.d., respectively). It is also configured with a small animal monitoring, heating, and gating system.

This scanner is dedicated to record high-resolution 1H MR images and spectra of mouse and rat, including, but not limited to, the most popular MRI protocols such as T1W, T2W, EPI, cardiac functional image, diffusion weighted image, etc. This scanner is dedicated to full service!  

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