1T ASPECT Scanner
1T ASPECT scanner

ASPECT MRI scanner is a desktop MRI system with a permanent magnet system that has an essentially self-contained magnetic fringe field. It operates at 1 Tesla – the most suitable magnetic field strength in which to perform gadolinium-based contrast agent imaging due to the nature of the relaxivity curves of such contrast agents.

This scanner is located in the same room and in close proximity to the PET/SPECT/CT systems. This proximity facilitates sequential multimodality imaging, e.g., MRI/PET/SPECT. This scanner is dedicated to full service! 


Spin Echo

Gold standard for most imaging. T2 weighted images are ideal for showing pathology.

Fast Spin Echo

T2 weighted imaging. Ideal for imaging anatomical and pathological changes. The fat will appear bright.

Inversion Recovery Spin Echo

Unique T1-dependent contrast. Ideal for fat suppression or fluid with long T1 disappearance.

Multi Echo Spin Echo

Images are acquired each having a different TE value. These images can then be analyzed to calculate T2 maps and extract T2 values.

Spin Echo Diffusion Weighted

Used commonly in stroke research, as well as in the differentiation of malignant and benign lesions, or tumors and edema.

Gradient Echo Spoiled

Ideal for acquiring images with good spatial resolution, signal to noise ratios, and with high contrast between organs.

Gradient Echo Snapshot

Dynamic contrast enhancement (DCE) imaging in which contrast agents are injected and the perfusion kinetics are followed.

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