Consultation Services

UT-SAIR has an advisory committee that meets every two weeks. Potential users of the facility can request assistance with the planning, performance, and analysis of their animal studies by contacting Xiaojing Wang, Ph.D., UT-SAIR Manager, or requesting assistance using the website.

These users will be invited to present a 10-minute presentation to the technical advisory committee where the relevant imaging experts will prepare an outline of a plan for that particular study, including an estimate of the costs associated with performing the study. The details of the plan and its budget will be discussed with the investigator. The costs for further consultations, if necessary, will be included in the budget estimates either as an hourly charge ($150/hour) or as percent effort of the appropriate personnel for future grant submissions, if appropriate.

Assistance with grant preparation, including discussion of the acquisition of preliminary data for grant submission, also will be provided, if necessary. We are able to advise investigators on critical aspects of experimental design and implementation from choice of modality, to securing IACUC approval, acquiring and analyzing data, and preparing grant applications and manuscripts.