Physical Sciences Lesson Plans

Crystal Growing Lab (IPC, ES)
Susan Brown, North Mesquite High School, Mesquite, TX

Determination of Oxygen Use During Exercise (B2, A&P)
Barrett A. Ide, The Greenhill School, Addison, TX

Imagining a Three-Dimensional Image (A&P, B1)
Cheryl Capehart, Skyline Center, Dallas, TX

Inquiry-Based Understanding of Chromatography Using a Paper Chromatography Model (IPC, C1)
Althea Dampier, Nimitz High School, Irving, TX

Liquid Chromatography Model (B1, B2, C1, IPC)
Dean Gladden, Jasper High School, Plano, TX

Liquid Chromatography (C2)
Malcolm Hernandez, Lexington Academy, Dallas, TX

Perception: Do You Know Where You Are? (B1, A&P)
Judy Bullard, Crowley High School, Crowley, TX