Anatomy & Physiology Lesson Plans

The “Bare Bones” of Histology (A&P)
Trina Hughes, Trinity High School, Euless, TX

Blood Separation by Centrifugation (LS, H)
Jim Holland, Nichols Junior High School, Arlington, TX

The Bold and the Beautiful (According to Plastic Surgeons) (A&P, B1)
Cynara Parris, Tyler Street Christian Academy, Dallas, TX

Brain Pathology – What Went Wrong? (A&P, B2)
Alan Cotten, Carroll High School, Southlake, TX

Chemistry for Life (LS, H, C1)
Yolanda Blackshear, North Mesquite High School, Mesquite, TX

Determination of Oxygen Use During Exercise (B2, AP)
Barrett A. Ide, The Greenhill School, Addison, TX

Measurement of Respiratory Rate and Volume (A&P, B2)
Dean Gladden, Woodrow Wilson High School, Dallas, TX

The Mechanics of Breathing (LS, H, B1)
C. Lorraine Thompson, Benjamin Franklin Middle School, Dallas, TX

Metabolic Calculation (Energy Sources) (LS)
Joe F. Coronado, Memorial Middle School, Laredo, TX

Modeling a Metabolic Pathway of the Human Brain (C1, C2, B2, A&P)
David O. Fallert, Lincoln Humanities/Communications High School, Dallas, TX

Neurons and the Synapse: CNS (A&P)
Carolyn Hess, School of Health Professions, Dallas, TX

Perception: Do You Know Where You Are? (B1, A&P)
Judy Bullard, Crowley High School, Crowley, TX