Biology/Chemistry/IPC Lesson Plans

Cells: Strawberry DNA Extraction and Cloning Activities (B1)
Alicia Sams, Dan F. Long Middle School, Dallas, TX

Burning Calories as a School: Burning Calories as a Nation (B1, C1, and IPC)
Sara Wrenn, Peak Preparatory, Dallas, TX

Chicken Embryology (A&P, B1)
Brian Vincer, Dowell Middle School, McKinney, TX

Got Milk? Determination of Casein Presence in Dairy Products (B2)
Christina Krone, Uplift Summit International Preparatory, Arlington, TX

Investigating Fermentation by Making Root Beer (B1, B2)
Aurora Everett, Richardson High School, Richardson, TX

Marker Electrophoresis (B2)
Brandy Roye, Summer Creek Middle School, Crowley, TX

Mutation Creation and Observation (B2)
Christine L. Cook, Richland High School, North Richland Hills, TX

Protein Synthesis Board Game (B1)
Melissa Guerrero, Skyline High School, Dallas, TX

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me! (C2, B2)
Kathleen A. Hall, Liberty Christian School, Argyle, TX

Superman Sparks Search for Super-neurons (IPC, B1)
Sandy Eberle, Central Junior High School, Euless, TX

What are the Specifics with Inhibition? (B2)
Brandi Bastas, Arlington High School, Arlington, TX

What’s The Fuss About Fission (The Role of Nuclear Reactions in Our Lives)
Elliot Charles, Sunset High School, Dallas, TX

When Viruses (and Bacteria!) Attack (B2)
Ashley Brooks, Duncanville High School, Duncanville, TX