Message from the Program Director

John C. Mansour, M.D.
John C. Mansour, M.D.

Our formula is actually pretty simple.

  • We aim to recruit the most talented, committed individuals who have a passion for taking care of surgical patients.
  • We expose those residents to an unmatched, diverse clinical environment where they will be challenged to take ownership, operate proficiently, and demonstrate judgment.
  • We value surgical faculty who are serious about training the next generation of surgical leaders.
  • We offer opportunities for investigation to trainees based on their interests and the horizon of surgical innovation.

Those simple concepts have been at the heart of the UT Southwestern Medical Center General Surgery Residency Program for decades. We endeavor to keep those principles in mind as we continue to evolve and grow.

What makes us most special is the residents who choose to come to Dallas and take on the challenge of surgical residency to create a life of service for those who need our help. Our goal is to train the surgical leaders of the future. That leadership can take many forms: community leadership, hospital leadership, academic leadership. We hope that when complex situations arise, our trainees will be called upon to help create the solutions.

We are proud of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning environment. We also believe that we can expect the most from our residents only if we provide them with strategies encouraging wellness and health.

On behalf of our Education Team, I hope you will join us for a remarkable period in your life. We want to help you reach your professional and personal goals, and to improve the lives of the patients we serve.

John C. Mansour, M.D.
Program Director, General Surgery Residency