Message from the Program Director

Kareem AbdelFattah, M.D.
Kareem AbdelFattah, M.D.

Become the surgeon that other surgeons call upon.

I completed my residency and fellowship training at UT Southwestern and subsequently joined the faculty. I know the type of surgeon that graduates from our program — one who is extremely confident in the OR, and is not only willing but excited to help others. As a result, our residents are the ones who are looked to when other surgeons need assistance.

We build this type of surgeon using the training model that has existed here for years, with an emphasis on early management and operative independence. While programs across the country are trying to measure and implement "resident autonomy" into their training, UT Southwestern has an unrivaled training experience that already accomplishes that aim.

In addition to the outstanding clinical opportunities, I am inspired by our active commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning environment, the expansion of our wellness initiatives, and the professional development that is designed to meet the needs of the next generation of servant leaders. Our focus on these areas isn't by accident. In order to gain a competitive edge, our trainees will be equipped with skills that improve their relationship with colleagues and patients, while developing good self-care practices.

Join us and train in an environment that is friendly, fun, and full of educational experiences that can't be matched elsewhere.

Kareem AbdelFattah, M.D.
Program Director, General Surgery Residency