Transplant in the News


Two Transplants In 10 Years

Several years after receiving a heart transplant in 2011, Mark Doman’s kidney function began to decline. When he learned he needed another transplant, a family member graciously donated their kidney in order to give him a new lease on life.


Her Nursing Boards Had To Wait: Susan's Transplant Story

Susan Anigabor’s health deteriorated quickly after being diagnosed with decompensated liver disease and she was referred to our Liver Transplant Program.


Mother of Three Donates Kidney

Lisa James knew years ago that she wanted to donate her kidney to a child in need. In 2018, her dream became a reality when she matched with a 10-year-old girl from New Mexico. With immense gratitude, the families meet for the first time after surgery.


Ask the Expert: Organ Donation

What does it take to become a living donor? Watch the Facebook Live chat where Parsia Vagefi, M.D., chief of the Division of Surgical Transplantation, talks about UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Living Donor Programs and the progression of organ donation over the past few years.


North Texas Family Grateful for Selfless Donation

Thanks to the heart and kidney surgical transplantation team at UT Southwestern, Pete Sanchez underwent a combined heart and kidney transplantation and gained a new lease on life.


Two Life-Threatening Problems, One Surgery

Thanks to the collaborative effort between specialties at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Juan Cueto received a liver transplant that saved him from not one, but two life threatening diseases. Watch the video to learn about our cholangiocarcinoma liver transplant program, then read more about this life-saving surgery here.


Give the Gift of Life

Did you know that February 14th is National Donor Day? One donor can save 8 lives. Give the gift of life and become an organ donor today!


Become an Organ Donor Today

Register to become an organ donor and give the gift of life.


Facebook Live: Transplant Care

Dr. Malcolm MacConmara sits down to discuss how far UT Southwestern’s Transplant Surgery team has come in terms of research and caring for transplant patients. Watch as he sheds light on the tough questions via Facebook Live.


Organ Donation: The Ultimate Gift

UT Southwestern transplant surgeon Dr. Malcolm MacConmara discusses the impact of becoming an organ donor. Joining him is Susana Margraf, who is a kidney donor herself, and reveals the reasons she wanted to become a kidney donor and how much being able to donate an organ meant to her.


Kidney Transplants Redefine Family

A heartwarming story of how a husband was given a second lease on life and how his wife gave that same gift to someone in need. A pair of kidney donations connected four people for life.


New Method of Liver Transplant Keeps Organ at Body Temperature

UT Southwestern Medical Center is leading the way with a lifesaving international clinical trial that allows a liver to remain warm and full of blood out of the body. Dr. Malcolm MacConmara leads this clinical trial in normothermic liver perfusion and his efforts continue to put UT Southwestern at the forefront of research and innovation.


UTSW Celebration of Excellence 2020

Juan Escobar had been diagnosed with cirrhosis and liver cancer. His best option for survival was a liver transplant, but to ensure he had the best chance of survival, he also needed a bariatric procedure. Through a collaborative effort, Dr. Parsia Vagefi and Dr. Benjamin Schneider were able to perform the first combined liver transplant and sleeve gastrectomy at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


School Principal Donates Kidney to Father of 3

The inspiring story of how a principle donated a kidney to a father of three. The three children attend her school and when she heard that their father was in need of a kidney transplant, she was moved to donate.



Living-liver transplant: Son gives ‘most meaningful gift’ to father and stepfather. A son donated a kidney to his father 12 years ago, and more recently he donated a portion of his liver to his stepfather in a transplant that was performed at UT Southwestern.

General Surgery News: UT Southwestern transplant surgeon Dr. Parsia Vagefi discusses the racial gap in liver transplant access widened during the pandemic.

1,500th Child Receives Transplant at Children’s Medical Center Dallas Dr. Dev Desai, program director of Solid Organ Transplant at Children’s Health and Associate Professor of the Division of Surgical Transplantation, performed the surgery.

Living-liver transplant: How a daughter gave her mom the gift of a lifetimeDuring a seven-hour surgery in side-by-side operating rooms at UT Southwestern, a Frisco mother of four donated about 60% of her liver to her mother, Pamela Arrington, a former nurse who was suffering from cirrhosis.

Abdominal Transplant Program receives 2020 Leaders in Clinical Excellence Program Development Award

Former Shreveport Resident Benefits from HOPE Former Shreveport resident John Welch was diagnosed with HIV and cirrhosis of the liver on the same day in August 2016.

Daughter Gives Her Mother the Gift of a Lifetime During a simultaneous seven-hour surgery, a Texas daughter donated 60 percent of her liver to her mother.

Newsroom: UTSW performs first HIV-positive-to-HIV-positive organ transplant in Texas On July 1, the 53-year-old Dallas man became the first recipient of an HIV-positive-to-HIV-positive organ transplant in Texas at UT Southwestern’s William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital.

D Magazine: UTSW Performs Texas’ First HIV-Positive to HIV-Positive Organ Transplant In July 2020, a Dallas man became the first Texan recipient of an HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ transplant at UT Southwestern’s Clements University Hospital.

UT Southwestern Demonstrates Efficacy of Portable Donor Liver System
UT Southwestern Medical Center announces its participation in the Liver PROTECT trial. This trial involves a portable Organ Care System that provides oxygen, blood, and nutrition to a liver that is awaiting transplantation.

Inspired by Father’s Struggle, Woman Donates Kidney to Save Life of Stranger
In honor of her late father, Susana Margraf volunteered to become a kidney donor to help someone in need. On her birthday, she gave the greatest gift to Valene Escobedo, a young woman from Amarillo. This heartwarming story shows how Susana’s generosity saved a life.

An Innovative Approach to Transitioning Care
A patient that is in the process of getting a transplant is often overwhelmed with all the information before and after surgery. But thanks to the nursing coordinators at UT Southwestern Medical Center, patients are not left answering the tough questions themselves. With nursing support, patients are able to manage their medications, take their vital signs and perform self-care practices long after discharge. 

UT Southwestern’s First Heart-Liver Transplant Saves Life of Singer Diagnosed with Rare Genetic Metabolic Disease
Transplant surgeons at UT Southwestern save the life of Andrea Joyner, who was hours away from death. Her heart was failing and her liver was in bad shape, which caused her other organs to begin failing as well. Thanks to the collaborative efforts between the heart transplant team and the liver transplant team, Ms. Joyner received the first heart-liver transplant at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

‘It was an amazing gift’: Patients, donors gather to celebrate life at UTSW Transplant Reunion
The annual UT Southwestern Transplant Reunion allows donors, recipients, and their families show their appreciation for each other and the UT Southwestern transplant team involved in their care. Every year patients share their inspiring stories of survival. ‘A Tale of Two Jackies’ is just one of the many you can find here.

“Tina’s Transplant Story: A race against time and acute liver failure”
What she thought was a case of pneumonia, turned into a race against the clock to get a liver transplant. Read Tina Bartolucci’s miraculous story about how a loss of cognitive function led to her diagnosis of acute liver failure and lifesaving liver transplant.