Resident Led Initiatives

Journal Watch

Cover of a recent Journal Watch

Journal Watch is a monthly review of current academic literature across multiple specialty areas, inspired by the New England Journal of Medicine. We have a section for most Internal Medicine subspecialties as well as Bioinformatics and Health Policy. Involved residents (usually PGY-2) select an article of interest in a particular field, write a critical analysis of it, and work closely with a Faculty Volunteer in that field to refine their critique. A selected panel of residents (PGY-3) serve as final editors and work to disseminate Journal Watch to the wider UTSW community. It’s a great opportunity for Residents to both independently hone their analytic and writing skills and receive close guidance from Faculty. Check out our website and Follow us on Twitter!

Medical Education Committee

Residents enjoying a committee meeting

The Medical Education Committee is a group of residents from all years who are interested in improving the residency program and who have an interest in medical education. We meet regularly to discuss project ideas and ways to implement changes to better our program. For example, we have created information guides to help clarify rotations and to teach interns. Past discussion topics at meetings have included morning in-person signout practices, ambulatory curriculum reform, changes to PRIME in-basket operations, wellness initiatives, and expansion of simulation training. The Medical Education Committee is also a great way for our interns to get involved with medical education, and many of our members later join the Medical Education Track. Any and all are welcome for as many meetings as they can attend!

Medical Jeopardy

As the nerdiest group among the resident-led initiatives our Medical Jeopardy team consists of anyone who is interested in Medical trivia. As a team, we represent the UTSW Internal Medicine Residency at Doctor’s Dilemma competitions in annual Internal Medicine societal meetings such as ACP and SGIM. As of 2020, we are the reigning champions of Texas-ACP and Southern SGIM! We meet weekly and go over questions in a Jeopardy! format. It is a fun way of studying/hanging out with friends over pizza and putting all those Anki card knowledge from Steps back to work again.

Medical Jeopardy Group celebrating a recent victory.

Nutrition Council

Have you ever had that post-lunch malaise that makes you crave a nap? We have! It’s not the best idea during residency. As the Nutrition Council, we prioritize the health and wellbeing of our co-residents by striving to provide nutritious, balanced meals during Noon Conference while maintaining variety and encouraging healthy habits along the way. Don’t worry there is dessert too! We work closely with Dr. Jaclyn Albin, Director of UT Southwester’s Culinary Medicine program, our hard-working department staff, and residency leadership to implement resident preferences. We pride ourselves on being data-driven and believe that eating healthier ultimately helps us to be better physicians and educators for our patients.

Wellness Committe

image of healthcare worker with therapy dog

The Internal Medicine Resident Wellness Committee is composed of an amazing group of residents from all years who are dedicated to finding ways to show love to their fellow residents. It is the mission of the Wellness committee to promote the psychological, spiritual, social, and physical wellness of our fellow residents through initiatives that:

  • Promote well-being and foster programming to minimize burnout​
  • Increase awareness of resources contributing to well-being​
  • Create an environment of tolerance​
  • Empower individuals to take care of their health
  • Create a sense of community​

Public Health and Policy Interest Group

Public Health and Policy Interest Group partners with Texas Medical Association and BikeDFW to giveaway free helmets promoting bike and scooter safety.

Most of us receive very little education about public health or policy in medical school, yet it directly affects our patients’ lives and impacts the way we practice medicine. The Public Health and Policy Interest Group includes a diverse group of residents, faculty, and trainees. Our motto: Educate, Innovate, and Advocate! We create and promote timely, useful public health and policy content to keep our community up-to-date on important issues. We also collaborate with faculty, including at the Parkland Center for Innovation, to solve pressing healthcare delivery challenges. Finally, we advocate on behalf of our patients aiming to restore equity and justice for all. Check out some of our latest work!