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Resident-Led Initiatives

Medical Education Committee

Residents attending a committee meeting.

The Medical Education Committee is a group of residents from all PGY classes with an interest in bettering the education of our residents. In conjunction with the Chief Residents and faculty, this committee provides direct feedback of our conferences and provides leadership with input on how our conferences and other learning opportunities can be improved.

Medical Jeopardy

Medical Jeopardy Group

Our Medical Jeopardy team represents the UTSW Internal Medicine Residency at Doctor’s Dilemma competitions in societal meetings such as ACP and SGIM. As of 2020, we are the reigning champions of Texas-ACP and Southern SGIM! The team meets regularly to review medical knowledge in a Jeopardy! format. It's a fun way to study (aka "hang out with friends over pizza") and put all that Anki-card knowledge back to work. Anyone interested in medical trivia is welcome!

Wellness Committee

Healthcare worker with therapy dog

The Internal Medicine Resident Wellness Committee is composed of an amazing group of residents from all years who are dedicated to finding ways to show love to their fellow residents. It is the mission of the Wellness committee to promote the psychological, spiritual, social, and physical wellness of our fellow residents through initiatives that:

  • Provide programming to minimize burnout​.
  • Bring awareness to resources aimed at improving resident's well-being​.
  • Identify areas for improvement in resident well-being at a program-level.
  • Create an environment of tolerance​.
  • Empower individuals to take care of their own health.
  • Foster a sense of community​ among residents.

Public Health and Policy Interest Group

A line of men and women, wearing bike helmets next to an outdoor banner saying Bike DFW
Public Health and Policy Interest Group partners with Texas Medical Association and BikeDFW to give away free helmets.

The Public Health and Policy Interest Group includes is comprised of a diverse group of residents, faculty, and other trainees interested in learning more about public health and enacting change in the communities served by the residency program. Our motto: Educate, Innovate, and Advocate!

The group creates timely, useful public health and policy content to keep the community up to date on important issues affecting them. Collaborating with faculty, including the Parkland Center for Innovation, members work to solve pressing healthcare delivery challenges. Finally, the group strives to advocate on behalf of Finally, the group strives to advocate on behalf of patients, to promote equity and justice for all. Learn more about the group's mission and projects.