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Over the course of our two-year program, fellows experience curriculum through a variety of didactics, providing the building blocks for a career in medical toxicology. 

Our fellows can expect a structured work week, affording them ample dedicated time for Poison Center cases, bedside consults, presentations, conferences, and discussions. Additionally, we set aside one personal workday each week for our fellows to spend as they see fit.

Case Conferences

Monthly case conferences provide a routine opportunity for all faculty, fellows, and members of other services to hear and learn about the most interesting medical toxicology cases. 

Evidence-Based Medicine Review

Evidence-based medicine review is a monthly longitudinal curriculum that provides a framework for fellows and other trainees on evidence-based medicine, how to find quality evidence, and guidelines for reviewing/writing manuscripts.

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds educate the Department of Emergency Medicine through lectures based on the model curriculum for emergency medicine. Speakers are experts in the field of the chosen topic and will typically be a nationally known speaker in this area. Grand Rounds are on the first Tuesday of the month.

Journal Club

Journal Club is a critical review of new and/or landmark articles pertinent to medical toxicology. Three to four articles are reviewed monthly with key emphasis on recognizing the study quality, threats to validity, and clinical applicability.

Occupational Toxicology & Risk Assessment

Occupational Toxicology & Risk Assessment is a lecture series to review occupational and environmental toxicology. Kapil Sharma, M.D., leads these discussions on important topics such as environmental law, animal modeling, and reproductive toxicity.

Toxic News Reviews

At Toxic News Reviews, fellows review current events related to toxicological matters. Rotators present topics and address implications and effects of toxins on systems.


Fellows attend webinars hosted by the American College of Medical Toxicology, the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology, and the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units to provide a more in-depth look at scientific issues within medical toxicology and encourage regular discourse, education, and research in the field.