Resources & Support

The Title IX Resources and Support Specialist works with all parties (students, faculty, and staff) involved in a matter reported to the Division of Title IX to provide accommodations, support, and resources in a variety of ways. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Notifying faculty for a student’s absences or missed work
  • Advocating for flexibility in assignments or deadlines
  • Facilitating workplace accommodations
  • Making referrals to resources both on and off campus to meet an individual’s needs of personal health, safety, and security
  • Assisting parties in understanding the complaint and grievance process from start to finish
  • Connecting both Complainants and Respondents with Advisors provided by the University, if desired or needed

The Division of Title IX strives to offer fair, equitable, and individualized support to Complainants, Respondents, and Witnesses affected by Title IX-related matters. The Title IX Resources and Support Specialist is able to refer individuals to critical resources on campus and in the community. Although Title IX Resources and Support case management is non-confidential, the Title IX Resources and Support Specialist can refer individuals to confidential resources.

If you are interested in getting connected with Title IX Resources and Support, please or call 214-648-4343.

If you have experienced sexual violence 
Who can I talk to, confidentially, about a Title IX-related concern?  
What if I am concerned about retaliation? 

Helpful Handouts

Navigating the Title IX Process

Videos & Webinars

TYLA video

TYLA: Healing the Wounds
This video, available in Spanish and English, includes details on what victims of domestic violence can expect when utilizing the courts to obtain a protective order, temporary restraining order or divorce.

Candid Conversations video

Candid Conversations: Navigating Institutions from a Survivor’s Perspective
This video offers ways that members of the UT Southwestern campus community can access resources related to supporting sexual assault survivors.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month video

Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Sexual Assault Awareness Month seeks to raise awareness about sexual harassment, sexual assault, and abuse.

Navigating Safe Relationships While Social Distancing video

Navigating Safe Relationships While Social Distancing
This video discusses how to maintain safe relationships in a world impacted by COVID-19 while providing helpful community resources aimed at assisting individuals who may need help during this time.

Additional Resources

For additional information for individuals affected by sexual violence, please refer to SEC-156 Violence on Campus or contact the Title IX Coordinator, a Deputy Coordinator, or the Additional resources are provided below.

UTSW Campus Resources 
UTSW Employee Assistance Program Resources 
Off-Campus Resources  
Domestic Violence Shelters  
Stalking Resources  
Protective Orders  
Legal Assistance  
LGBTQ+ Resources  
Immigrant and International Student Resources  
Faculty Wellness 
Student Wellness and Counseling