Team Science

The Center for Translational Medicine aims to extend engagement in order to bring investigators together across disciplinary lines to dialogue with each other. To further this integration and accelerate clinical and translational research, we provide team science training for investigators to advance clinical and translational research.

Collaboration: integrating with Multidisciplinary Team Science

An exemplar of collaboration on the UT Southwestern campus, David Gerber, M.D., M.S.C.S., is a former KL2 scholar who fosters therapeutic clinical research through multidisciplinary teams.

Gerber, headshot

In 2008, Dr. Gerber received CTM pilot funds to characterize effects of platelet-derived growth factor receptor-targeted therapy. He now has more than 90 publications in experimental oncology but also is a leader in team science, receiving a NCI Cancer Clinical Investigator Team Leadership award ($100,000) in 2011. Completing the LEAD program in 2014, he was promoted to Associate Professor on the Clinical Scholar track in 2015 and completed the CTM Mentoring Excellence program. In 2016, his record of success led to a K24 Mid-Career Investigator Award for Patient-Oriented Research ($890,000) from the National Cancer Institute. Dr. Gerber was promoted to Professor, effective September 2018.

Dr. Gerber has led multidisciplinary teams from clinical informatics, statistics, medical anthropology, nursing, and clinical research administration to study dynamics of teams that contribute to clinical research. Publications examining the multidisciplinary clinical workforce include:

  • Gerber DE, Laccetti AL, Chen B, Yan J, Lee SCJ. (2014) Predictors and intensity of online access to electronic medical records among patients with cancer. Journal of Oncology Practice
  • Laccetti AL, Chen B, Cai J, Gates S, Xie Y, Lee SJC, Gerber DE (2016) Increase in cancer center staff effort related to electronic patient portal use. Journal of Oncology Practice.
  • Gerber DE, Beg MS, Duncan T, Gill M, Lee SJC (2016) Oncology nursing perceptions of patient electronic portal use: A qualitative analysis. Oncology Nursing Forum.

These efforts led to our participation in the first NCI-ASCO Teams in Cancer Care Delivery initiative, culminating in a special issue this year in the Journal of Oncology Practice:

  • Gerber DE, Reimer T, Williams E, Gill M, Priddy LL, Bergestuen D, Schiller JH, Kirkpatrick H, Lee SJC (2016) Resolving rivalries and re-aligning goals: Challenges of clinical and research multiteam systems. Journal of Oncology Practice
  • Lee SJC, Clark MA, Cox JV, Needles BM, Seigel C, Balasubramanian (2016) Achieving coordinated care for complex cancer patients: A multiteam system approach. Journal of Oncology Practice