UT Southwestern Medical Center has implemented a comprehensive electronic Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) called Velos eResearch. It allows monitoring of several aspects of clinical research involving study and participant management in a secured and HIPAA compliant manner. A bidirectional interface between Velos eResearch and eIRB systems supports submission of select study metadata to the eIRB system from Velos and automated, real-time updates of IRB approval related statuses for the study in Velos.

In addition to participant registration and electronic data capture (EDC) using electronic case report forms (eCRFs), Velos eResearch supports creation of study protocol calendars, coverage analysis, and creation of accurate budgets. The eResearch application can export study data in SAS format, Microsoft Excel, or as comma delimited files to other statistical analysis software packages. Authentication used in the Velos eResearch application is compliant with the UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Health System password and security standards.

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