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Pregnancy & Lactation Support

Before Your Baby Arrives

baby bottle on desk

Managing your pregnancy and preparing for childbirth can be a challenging time in your life. To ease stress over job-related issues, the following topics should be reviewed before the birth of your child.

Leave Information

  • FMLA
    For eligible employees, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave (up to 26 weeks for military caregiver leave), job protection and insurance premium sharing (if eligible) for medical conditions affecting you or a family member.
  • Parental Leave

If you are not eligible for leave for the birth of your child under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you may be eligible for leave under State Parental Leave.

Nursing and Lactation Support

To support nursing mothers, lactation rooms for expressing milk during the workday are available across the UTSW campus.

How to Use a Lactation Room

  1. Find a lactation room below.
  2. Make a reservation, then look for an email confirmation with instructions and room access code (where applicable).
  3. Discuss with your supervisor the time needed to express your milk.

Find a Lactation Room

Campus Map

  • North Campus
    • NA Building: NA7.601 - two stations, sink
    • NC Building: NC5.112C - two stations, sink
    • ND Building: ND6.604A - two stations, sink
    • ND Building: ND9.604A - one station, sink
    • NS Building: NS3.404 - two stations, sink
    • NS Building: NS3.402 - two stations, sink

    Reserve a Lactation Room

  • South Campus
    • F Building: F4.302 - two stations
    • L Building: L1.202  - two stations
    • U Building: U4.206 - two stations, sink

    Reserve a Lactation Room

  • East Campus
    • EB Building: EB3.102 - two stations

    Reserve a Lactation Room

  • West Campus
    • WCB3: WC6.806 - two stations, sink
    • POB1: HQ2.300 - two stations
    • WA Building: WA03.110 - two stations, sink

    Reserve a Lactation Room

  • Hospital Locations

    Clements University Hospital (CUH)

    Blue Building
    1st Floor 373 - sink, refrigerator, PC
    3rd Floor 0374 - refrigerator

    Green Building
    5th Floor 424 - sink

    Orange Building
    4th Floor 04.676 - sink, refrigerator
    4th Floor 04.677 - sink, refrigerator
    6th Floor 06.1618 - sink, refrigerator
    9th Floor 09.1618 - sink, refrigerator

    Entry contact: Administrative Supervisor, 214-633-5246
    Maintenance contact: Women’s Resource Center, 214-633-6640

    Parkland Health: (Contact Shaleese Thomas 469-419-3803 or call 77777 for Parkland non-emergency for temporary access.)

    Zale Lipshy Pavilion (ZL):(Contact Rosa Garza: 214-633-6640

  • Off Main Dallas Campus
    • Brookriver South Building, Level 1: LBS109A; sink, 2 spaces, and hospital grade pump
    • Empire Plaza II (LD): LD1.320B - one space, sink
    • Las Colinas Facility: RV2.202P - sink
    • Pegasus Park Building:
      • Level 3, LP3.126 (use Pegasus badge in elevator to access 3rd floor)
      • Level 5, LP5.224 (use Pegasus badge in elevator to access 5th floor)
      • Level 6, LP6.224 (no badge required to access 6th floor)
    • Plano Pediatric Clinic: 3.349 - two stations, sink
    • Richardson/Plano Medical Center: Room 149, one station
    • Simmons Cancer Care Outpatient Building: Level 2, Room NM2.938 - one space, sink

    Reserve a Lactation Room

  • Various Locations (Reservable and Non-reservable)

    These rooms are reservable, but are not in our online reservation system (see details):

    • Children’s Health: Reserve on Children’s Medical Center intranet: Childnet > Departments > Clinical > Lactation
    • VA North Texas Health System (Contact Leslie Snowden-Crawford: | 214-857-1938)
    • Callier Center (for moms of enrollees only: 214-905-3099)
    • First Step Learning Centre (for moms of enrollees only: 214-352-8608; on-site nursing permitted)
    • UT Southwestern Frisco Medical Office Building: (Contact Melissa Joyner: 469-604-9302)

    These rooms do not require a reservation and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis:

    • Campus Police Station (BE): BE1.106B - sink
    • CUH-Simmons Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Annex (EF): EF2.142 – sink; EF2.144 – sink
    • Trinity Towers (LT): LT3.224 – sink and refrigerator 
    • UT Southwestern Medical Center at RedBird (RB): RB1.320 – no sink, no refrigerator
    • UT Southwestern Medical Center at Coppell (RK): RK3.122 – no sink, no refrigerator
    • Woodview Tower (LE): LE6.150 – sink and refrigerator

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