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Member Use Policies and Guidelines

The following rules and regulations governing the use of all recreational facilities have been created to ensure equal opportunity and to protect the rights of each participant. Staff is employed to interpret and enforce the usage guidelines. Regulations are posted in each room. As a member of the university community, you have a responsibility to understand and abide by these guidelines and other rulings. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Member Services.

Alcohol, Controlled Substances, and Smoking

Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited on the UT Southwestern Medical Center campus. UT Southwestern is a smoke-free campus.


The Student Center staff reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of attire. Those wearing inappropriate attire may be required to leave.

  • Non-marking closed-toe athletic shoes are required in the following areas: weight and fitness room, cardio lounge, track, multipurpose room, and the gymnasium.
  • Bare feet are permitted only in the locker rooms and while participating in select martial arts or yoga activities.
  • Appropriate athletic attire (T-shirts, shorts, warm-up suits, or aerobic clothing) is required at all times during recreation. (Exception: shirts and skins for basketball.)
  • No pants or shirts with zippers or catches will be permitted in the weight and fitness room, or while using any cardio equipment on the track.
  • While playing racquetball, eye guards are highly recommended.

Wheels at the Center

Bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, Segways, and hoverboards are prohibited in the facility.


Children are only allowed in the Sanders Lounge and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Guests wishing to utilize the rest of the Student Center facilities must be 18 years of age or older.

Entry and Exit

Entry and exit of the facility are only allowed through the main entrance, located off the Plaza in Building MA. Violators are subject to disciplinary action.

ID Cards

All students and members are required to display, upon entry and on request, a valid UT Southwestern ID card. Membership access is appropriated to your ID card. It is non-transferable and only for the exclusive use of the individual named on the card. Misuse of your UT Southwestern ID card will result in the loss of facility privileges for an extended period of time. ID cards presented for entry but belonging to another person will be confiscated.

Students and members who do not have their active UT Southwestern ID card with them may enter the facility by purchasing a $5 replacement ID pass.


Use of campus recreation facilities and participation in activities are privileges. Participants are expected to be good citizens and to respect the rights of others. Individuals or groups engaged in behavior deemed unsafe and/or inappropriate by the staff may have their facility access revoked or modified and/or be subject to University disciplinary action. For sufficient cause, any individual may be refused entry or have their privileges suspended or revoked.

Facility Closures

Facilities may be closed and/or reservations canceled when warranted (i.e., special events, maintenance projects, inclement weather).

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are permitted in designated areas only. Glass containers are prohibited at all times. Drinks are only allowed in a plastic, closed-cap container.

Liability and Injury

Use of the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center facilities and participation in activities therein is voluntary. By their very nature, the facilities, equipment, and programs involve some risk to participants and spectators. The staff will take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants, but each individual participating or spectating assumes the risk for any harm or injuries sustained. Neither the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, nor the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center, can assume any responsibility for injuries incurred through participation in facilities or activities.

Members are strongly advised to use caution and be aware of the potential health risks associated with exercise.

Open Recreation

Unreserved open recreation activities are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with shared usage and challenge rules applying. Designated open recreation activity takes priority over other drop-in uses. The Student Center has also set up a schedule for various activities to maximize usage patterns.

Organized Activities

Facilities are for recreational use only. Coaching, instruction, or organized activities, other than those approved by the director of the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center, are prohibited.

Personal Belongings

Secure personal belongings in the lockers or cubicles provided in the fitness areas. Unsecured belongings and found items are considered abandoned property and are turned into the lost and found at the Member Services desk. The Student Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Equipment not claimed at Member Services will be forwarded to the University Police.


Only guide and service animals are permitted in the facility.

Posted Rules

Specific policies and room regulations are posted on site and must be observed. Verbal instructions issued by staff should be strictly followed.


Spectators are allowed for intramural sports events and must sign in with a photo ID to watch scheduled events. Spectators may not observe informal recreation activities.


Headphones are required for personal stereos (iPods, computers, MP3 players, etc).